The Ghost

Things have been pretty intense over here in my neck of the woods. Not only have I decided to get my life back on track, fate has yet again thrown a curve ball my way.

It is often when I’m finally content with my lot in life and determined to make the best of things that the Fates decide to throw something in my way.

    Something wrapped in creased, wrinkled paper and tied with a huge, glittery bow.
    Something that makes me question my decisions and wonder at the type of person that I’ve become.
    Something that forced me to think of things that I’d long pushed away or shied from.

Of course, then the Fates thought it fitting to take this thing away from me, just when I wanted and needed it most, which made me question its very validity. 

It’s often hard to believe in something when you put yourself out there only to be knocked back down.


How valid and honest can something be if its there one minute and gone the next with seemingly little care?

The Fates are indeed, cruel…

Cold, clinical, and logical is something that I often think I would like to be, but a lack of emotion just means your dead inside.

Who wants to carry around a dead heart and soul? 

Certainly not me, so lately I write. 
And write. 
And write, lest I become the ghost of who I once was.


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