When This Is Over

I will come out of this a stronger woman, full of depth and good sense.


If my husband is unwilling or unable to see and understand the lasting value in that, it’s not any fault of mine, and I shouldn’t mourn someone who doesn’t value who I am on the inside. 

 The actions and choices that define who we are at our core, these things are important.

Not a job.
Not prestige.
Not a new love interest.

The pain of seeing the person you love become someone completely different, a visage of the man he was and could still be, is devastating.

Knowing that you are second, or third, or LAST place with the person who promised to love, cherish, and honor you throughout your life is like a little death.

Never again will I be the one who loves more. 


I will never be hurt or let myself feel this way again.


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