Everyone Thinks I’m The Crazy One

It’s happened before and there are signs.

I see them again and there is absolutely nothing that I can do to stop this train from continuing.


Other than state my piece which pushes in the opposite direction. 

It’s making me miserable and no drug is going to fix it. Obviously my best option is to just let go and get on with life. 

I should know by now when I ’m not wanted. 

But I have so much of myself invested that I can’t just give up. And things have gone so well since January. He’s been home every weekend, we’ve gone on dates and outings, as a couple and a family. The kids are happy. I’m happy. 

So, why do I feel him pulling away? He no longer calls me everyday to talk. He no longer texts me first thing in the morning. I hardly hear from him throughout the week. He no longer seems as interested in me when he is here. 

I know these signs and I’m afraid. I’m afraid he’s found someone else to invest in. And I’ll be left to pick up the pieces. 


I knew this would happen when he had to move out of town for work. That it only took three months is pathetic.


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