Dedication or Desperation?

How do you know if you’re staying because of love and dedication or misplaced loyalty and desperation?


Sometimes you don’t.

I’ve been working on myself and letting him fly. Yet I get odd looks when people ask me about our relationship.

Everyone seems to think I’ve gone crazy for waiting as long as I have. Maybe they’re right, but I’m not ready to let go.

Not yet.

One thing you can’t buy in life is years of loyalty, laughter and love. Nothing is ever perfect but isn’t love, care, and honoring your word worth the effort? Communication is key and there are always highs and lows. But, god, think of the amazing things that could happen if it worked.

Always ask yourself, am I better off with or without my spouse/significant other before making a long term decision about the relationship. If you keep him or her in mind, you’ll never make a wrong choice.

As for me, I’m always better with him.

He’s my person.

That said, if he doesn’t feel the same then, perhaps, after so long, I’m  just holding out for something that isn’t going to happen.

Maybe that’s desperation.

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