14 Things I Wish I Could Say to You

I miss you.

I miss your touch. I miss your smile. I miss your goofy laugh.

I even miss you pulling the blankets off my feet while trying to warm your own.

I miss lying in bed watching Netflix, I miss watching Archer and all our other shows with you.

I miss touching you whenever I walk by you, whether it be on your back, your head, your leg, wherever.

I miss pressing my body against yours in bed at night; my own, personal heater.

I miss you holding me while you sleep, and I even miss the way you poked and prodded me with fingers, elbows, whatever all in the name of fun.

I used to love watching you when you didn’t know that I was looking. I would trace your eyes, eyebrows, nose, and lips with my gaze.

I miss back rubs, foot massages, taking showers and baths together. I miss shaving your head for you.

I miss our life.


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