9 Meanings of Letting Go (As I See Them)

This is what letting go means to me.

1. Letting go means I trust you to make decisions for you. And I’ll make decisions for me.
It means I know what a wonderful person I am and I know what I deserve so I won’t settle. It also means I won’t accept less than what I deserve.

2. Letting go means my self worth is dependent on me, not on another person who may not recognize my value.
It means that I will fight for myself and not expect another person to do so.  

3. Letting go means I will not beg someone to be with me, to want me, to love me.
I’ll learn to love myself enough to have boundaries and never let someone make me wonder what’s wrong with me when they leave. If someone doesn’t value or respect me, that’s their loss.

4. Letting go means I have to learn to clear my mind of negative and self negating thoughts.
I will learn my triggers and divert my “stinkin’ thinkin'”.   


5. Letting go means learning how to co-parent with my ex.
The kiddos are the most important thing, not my hurt feelings, and their life will be so much easier if we can work well together and maybe, one day, become something close to friends.

6.  Letting go means I won’t allow this relationship to influence others that I may have.
I won’t settle. I want a connection, a meeting of the mind and soul.  

7. Letting go means I won’t tolerate secrecy and lying.
If you can’t be transparent with your spouse and helpmate, who can you be open with? And I promise to be just as open. Win-win. 

8. Letting go means I won’t tolerate someone treating me like an option, or a second choice.
They will give me all or I’ll leave. And let them know exactly why I’m going. No more one sided love affairs for me.   

9. Letting go means I will learn to be so happy with my own company that I won’t need anyone else.
I never want to feel like I need another person. I don’t want to sob into towels so the kids can’t hear me or feel like I can’t breathe and I’m having a panic attack when my heart breaks. Never, ever again will I allow anyone in that deep, to where it feels as if our souls are entwined and being physically ripped apart. 




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