Leaving Was The Nicest Thing He Ever Did For Me

Get Out the Way Bitch!

I watched a movie Sunday that said pretty much the same thing. It was called “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

In the past I felt that if I loved someone deeply, with every fiber of my being, they would automatically love me back. Why wouldn’t they?

Why couldn’t I love enough for both of us until everything fell into place and the universe exuded happiness?

One thing I learned in the past 15 months alone is what I did before before wasn’t love, it was settling.


Letting go is freeing.

Letting go is freedom.

I think the nicest thing my ex ever did for me was leave.

I just wish I realized it earlier so I wouldn’t have wasted so much time. Oh, but the lessons I’ve learned…all that “wasted” time was worth it.

I let go.

I found freedom.

I found me and that’s worth more than everything I lost.

Settling is not, nor will it ever again be, an option. So, hats off to my ex for walking out. If he hadn’t, I’d still be flitting about my cage, deliberately oblivious to his true nature and the life I could’ve had without him.


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