You Don’t Owe Anyone A Damned Thing

Dear Woman,

When people walk out of your life, LET THEM GO.

I’ll put this plainly and it may sound harsh, but maybe it’ll wake you up. Stop giving time and attention to someone who doesn’t want you.

If a person cares for you, they stick around. They try. They put in the time and effort.

Those females, those “friends” who talk behind your back, those women who look down on you and make you feel less than, the ones who exclude you and make sure you know about it, they are just petty mean girls (no matter their age) so unhappy with their lives they have to make another person feel small. Perhaps they should be smelling their own shit instead of worrying about yours.

That guy, the one you’re waiting for, the one who is unsure, the one you think needs time, he’s just another man who couldn’t handle your strength. The minute you asked him to step up, to be a man, to reassure and reassure you, he says he can’t.

Let that man and let those ladies fly. Let them go.

Sure, you may have been friends with these other individuals for years. You’ve shared memories, laughter, good times, and tears. However, real friends don’t give you silence, passive aggressiveness, or make you feel unworthy. A real friend tells you how it is and sticks by you, through good and bad. So, let those ladies boast and brag to each other, without you.

Yes, he says he loves you. But, he’s doing nothing about it, he’s letting you walk away without a fight, and that right there should tell you how much your presence matters in his life. So, let him live without you.

You owe nothing to someone who can’t give you a tiny bit of fucking effort, truth, or kindness.

Let them see what life is like without you. Stop making yourself so available. Stop letting yourself be hurt.

Stop being a victim.

Be proud of yourself. You set a boundary and stuck to it. You asked for what you needed instead of being silent. You walked away instead of silently enduring the pain. You stepped up.

Now, it’s time to forgive the ignorance of those who don’t understand you and move on.

Love Always,

A Woman Who’s Been There


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