No Fear – You Are A Warrior


We Feel Too Much & Always Think We’re to Blame For Others Poor Behavior

Has life ever tapped you on the shoulder and said, “Boo?” Have you ever woken up from self imposed isolation only to realize how comfortable and complacent you’ve grown?

Do we, as humans, enjoy the life that we’ve given ourselves, even if it’s not the one that we thought we would have?

Do we settle too easily?

Why are some people so obstinately opposed to change, yet more than willing to point out that same flaw in others?

Why is there a prevalent need to hurt those who point out things about ourselves that we know, but refuse to see?

When did having a constant heart become less than desirable?

It would certainly take someone better equipped than myself to answer those cumbersome questions of life.

I’m not really sure what has changed in the past few weeks other than my own mindset. I always thought I knew who I was and was okay with it. But, the past 3 years of doing things on my own have taught me that I still have a lot to learn.

While realizing what I need in love and life, I’ve also noticed quite a few things about myself that need to change.

Comfort in misery, ignoring blatant disloyalty, and the constant excuses for it are no way to live.

Its a slow death; a death of dreams, of self, and the belief that most people are inherently good.

In my opinion everyone should:

Fear is constant. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of rejection. Even fear of ourselves.

We must go through life as fearless warriors because the world owes us nothing.

We have to make our own way.

Other people are too caught up in their own fears to worry about yours; so you have to be your own best friend and biggest advocate.

~ I refuse to let my fears pull me down.

~ I refuse to meekly and quietly let myself go into the darkness of self-hate, self-doubt, and fear of change.

~ I refuse, vehemently, to let my fears control me.

Just remember, as cliche as it sounds, life IS what you make it. Stop questioning. Stop the selfish behaviors. Live your life for you.

~ Be a person that you want to be around. ~

~ Treat people as you want to be treated. ~

~ Love others as you want to be loved. ~

It’s that simple.


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