Blissful Are the Unknowing

I saved this to my google photos account last year, on Thanksgiving 2016.

I’m not that tender hearted, forgiving woman-child anymore.

And, depending on the day, that’s both an amazing wonder and a horrid nightmare.

I don’t miss much about she who I used to be other than her innate belief that people will make the right decision even if it means going down the road less travelled and her long held view that if you love with your whole self and give someone all you’ve got you can overcome pretty much any relationship adversity and have that lauded happy ending.

Ignorance is definitely bliss.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a liar or has never gone through something that changed them from the inside out.

Truth, knowledge, and self love are powerful as well as empowering but they aren’t easy to achieve.

Getting there fucking hurts.Realizing and understanding, that I wasn’t blind, that I could still see everyone and everything around me with perfect, 20/20 vision, even without those rose colored glasses, has been one of the best and most difficult lessons of my life. I wouldn’t ever want to do it again.

But, I wouldn’t go back to who I was for all the money in the world.


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