Sight Doesn’t Just Come From the Eyes

2017 was the Year of Self. Self exploration. Self learning. Self love.

2017: the year I rose from my self imposed slumber. I awoke during a 12 month span of impossible sweetness, intensity, and beauty as well as mind numbing, life changing heartbreak, despair, and loneliness.

I wouldn’t change a thing. A bright, colorful moth/butterfly would never wish to stop soaring, fold its wings, and blend back into the leaves and dirt.

Neither will I.

“It is only when you have found contentment within yourself that you understand the meaning of unattachment and unconditional love. That walk through the Fire, the one you thought you’d never survive, taught you to see inside yourself and others. That walk though the highest swells of the ocean, the one you were sure would drown you, taught you to trust yourself. Please, whatever happens, don’t ever let anyone tell you your intuition is wrong. Something isn’t right or you wouldn’t feel so wrong. Your body and spirit love you. Listen to them.” Tara Rendall


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