Destruction & Renewal

Those who know me, know that I’ve loved Emily Dickinson since I read “I’m Nobody” in my sophomore English class. It’s still one of my favorites; simple yet telling.

Those who know me also know that the past two and a half years have been a period of soul searching, reaching inward, and figuring out who I am and what is important to me.

The days, weeks, and months since June 2015 have been some of the most heart wrenching, exquisitely beautiful, and painfully realistic times of my life.

I wouldn’t trade them for any amount of money in the world. Thanks to them, I have finally become someone I like, someone I can be proud of.

Its true, you cannot awaken and see the world, yourself, and those around you as they truly are without destroying yourself in the process.

The break down and loss of everything you know and believe is painful in ways that can’t be described just as the rebuilding is joyous and beautiful. Yet, each have their own darkness and light that is individual to each person.

I wish each of you love, light, joy, heart break, darkness, destruction, and renewal. I wish an awakening for those of you who have never truly opened their eyes.

You’ll never be the same.


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