I’m just a 30-something woman trying to gracefully navigate the crazy, lonesome, and often hilarious paths through separation, a possible divorce, rearing 2 kiddos alone, and my own personal, individual growth with as much of my sanity intact as possible.

  • My DEH (dear estranged husband) and I celebrate 15 years of wedded bliss (lol) August 2016.
  • We separated June 2015 with a 5 month “sort of” reconciliation.
  • It’s been a rough road of few successes and many epic fails.
  • It often feels like with every two steps forward I take three steps backbut I’m slowly making it.

I don’t want our old life back. I want something better, something even more amazing than the intense, entwined relationship we once shared.

I won’t settle for less.

My goal is to work through my inner demons stemming from my fears and my childhood. I want to learn who I am as an individual instead of a unit, to “find myself” so to speak. I’ll use every ounce of tenacity and willpower within me (and that’s a hell of a lot, I’m known for it 😉) to better the lives of my kiddos and become the amazing woman inside that’s just waiting for me to be okay.

I want to bring us all back together as a stronger, kinder, even more awesome family unit, DEH included. If he has other ideas, that’s okay, too. Our family is smaller but just as wonderful.

We’ll survive and thrive, happy and content with the choices we made, individually and together.

I only want the best for him and wish him luck, happiness, and contentment with his choices.

This is my journey.

This is my treasure trove of thoughts and words that I can’t say aloud and poorly written poetry that I probably shouldn’t post. I’m an over thinker with a bit of a potty mouth so be prepared for the “sword of truthiness” (video game reference) and wordiness.

This is my life

I’ll make the most of it and, more importantly, make my own choices instead of allowing someone to make them for me.

Keep your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for luck and keep sending those powerful, strengthening good vibes and thoughts!



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