Your Soul Mate Isn’t Who You Think

Your soul mate balances you. Years ago, during some of my darkest times, I read a quote that stuck with me. It stuck with me because it hearkened back to something my mother told me when I was a small girl. The man who gives you butterflies and makes your heart beat faster isn't the [...]


Every Day Is A Challenge

Yesterday was a good day. Today, not so much. Yesterday, I accepted that things didn't work out between us. Yesterday, I accepted that it was time for me to stop fighting for someone who doesn't want to be fought for and to get on with life. Yesterday, I felt okay. Today, my brain wonders where [...]

Happy Father’s Day To Me

I haven't been the greatest father the past couple of months, but I've done everything in my power to be the best parent possible. Today was a trigger for me. I had dreams about my husband all night. Every time I awoke and went back to sleep I had another dream about him. It's not [...]