I Am Good Enough

My emotions are boundless, I feel too much, I'm too needy. I think too much, I'm too hard and too cold. I am an island unto myself, I enjoy being alone. I want too much, all or nothing. I want every bit of another's heart, Every thought in their head, Every word from their lips, [...]


I Am A Lighthouse

For emotionally unavailable men. I don't seek individuals who are unable and/or unwilling to provide what I need, yet somehow they always find me. Its like I have a sign on my forehead that states "Please, come fuck with my head and my heart." Or, perhaps it's a badge of scarlet right over my heart. [...]

What You Saw In Me

The very things that drew you to me pushed you away. You tried to hide your distaste. At first anyway. Shared by Tara (@wordswinewisdom1) on 2Sept 17 at 2:58 AM Too often, You caught a glimpse Of the people Who scarred you most In my eyes, My manner, And, especially, In my words. Tara Rendall [...]