Blissful Are the Unknowing

I saved this to my google photos account last year, on Thanksgiving 2016. I'm not that tender hearted, forgiving woman-child anymore. And, depending on the day, that's both an amazing wonder and a horrid nightmare. I don't miss much about she who I used to be other than her innate belief that people will make [...]


What You Saw In Me

The very things that drew you to me pushed you away. You tried to hide your distaste. At first anyway. Shared by Tara (@wordswinewisdom1) on 2Sept 17 at 2:58 AM Too often, You caught a glimpse Of the people Who scarred you most In my eyes, My manner, And, especially, In my words. Tara Rendall [...]

The Ruin of What We Once Were

A year after you left, I picked up my shattered bits & Put them back together. I was the one who painstakingly placed Each tiny sliver in its right place no Matter how it hurt or how hard I cried. All those little pieces are glued & sewed With such precision that the whole is [...]

Your Rock Is Sinking Fast

It could've been magic. A goddamned fairy tale romance, A true soul mate match. But we fucked it up somewhere Between my stoicism and Your laissez-faire attitude. Adieu and good luck, love. I refuse to be your rock When you have no problem Watching me drown. Once the moment has passed, I don't know if [...]

Leaving Was The Nicest Thing He Ever Did For Me

I watched a movie Sunday that said pretty much the same thing. It was called “He’s Just Not That Into You.” In the past I felt that if I loved someone deeply, with every fiber of my being, they would automatically love me back. Why wouldn’t they? Why couldn’t I love enough for both of [...]